Our turbulent times demand bold, effective solutions to complex challenges. We must keep Texas strong and safe. Therefore, my priorities as the Texas House Representative for  District 57 during the 88th Legislative Session include the following:

  • Professional criminals boiling across our southern border are bringing their human trafficking and drug operations to North Texas, increasing risks to law enforcement and costs for all citizens.
  • Law-abiding residents are struggling to maintain homeownership in the face of rising property-tax bills.
  • The integrity of the ballot box is under siege, threatening the heart of our citizen-led democracy.
  • Every child deserves a quality education, regardless of school type, because well-educated students become productive citizens and empowered voters.
Effective legislation in these and other critical areas is crucial, but the process often is slow and overly political. I look forward to championing the breaking of logjams that hinder passage of laws we need—and removing burdensome or outdated statutes and regulations that now clutter our state laws.
My door will always be open, both here at home and in Austin, as I advocate fiercely for all people in District 57.​


Richard Hayes



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