This federal government will not secure the Texas border. As a result, professional criminals, including human traffickers and smugglers of drugs, currency, weapons, and other contraband are boiling into Texas at the rate of tens of thousands each month.

Many of these criminals come to Denton County where they cost taxpayers in many ways: exposure to increased crime, law enforcement time and physical risk, property loss, lives ruined by drugs, and lives lost. We must:

  • Sue the federal government to enforce existing immigration laws of the United States.
  • Diversify and increase border protections.
  • Increase DPS and Texas National Guard presence at the border.
  • Both incentivize and penalize Mexico to stop illegals from flooding through its country on their way to Texas.
  • Stiffen penalties for those coming across the border illegally.
  • ┬áStop taxpayer subsidies to illegal aliens.